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The price is right at M&S distribution

Ensuring correct product pricing is a key element of the distribution process. Marks & Spencer’s advanced distribution and staging centre in Northern Ireland acts as the central distribution point for stores across the region, ensuring that items are correctly marked for sale and promotional events.

However, using old mobile technology and software was proving problematic to the business, leading to loss of productivity and ultimately challenges in the stores. To address these problems, Marks & Spencer selected the Pathfinder mobile scanner/printer from Avery Dennison. This unique product combines a label printer, barcode reader and a Windows CE mobile computer to form a rugged, handheld solution for scan-print-apply applications.

Coupled with price management software written by Mobilis Consulting, the Pathfinder allows a user to scan the product barcode, lookup the associated reference data and label type using a real-time WiFi connection, and print re-pricing labels to be applied on the products.  Product databases are synchronised over the airwaves to ensure that the correct price label is printed for a specific colour and garment style.