mobilis consulting - services


We know your challenges

Working together we can deploy focus skills, products and resources within a number of ways, namely:

• Applying mobile technology strategies to reduce costs

• Developing new ways of doing business

• Analysing and designing new systems

• Integrating systems across platform and cloud

• Producing robust systems testing & audit procedures

• Designing education for the mobile workforce

• Developing packaged and custom application software

• Creating real-time digital dashboards

• Troubleshooting complex problems


We provide management and technology consulting to help our clients develop mobility strategies and technology plans, and design mobility solutions that drive additional enterprise and customer value.


We provide software development services for mobile applications including custom, packaged, and hosted client, client/server and cloud-based solutions across the retail and food service supply chain.

For information on our latest packages please check out our [SOLUTIONS] page.


We help enterprises, product and service providers evaluate the opportunities associated with developing a consolidated and cohesive mobile strategy. Targeting the retail supply chain, the strategy defines an overarching hardware and software architecture approach and product characteristics.

This strategy then serves as the guide for sourcing and procurement.

Our experienced associates work with and for leading blue-chip International companies and offer a rare blend of business acumen, vision, integrity, and flair for technology.

We can help you achieve your goals, delivering a quality solution on-time and to budget.

Knowledge transfer

How do you train an inherently mobile workforce? Our clients always need a cost effective way to keep mobile users on top of the latest procedures and application enhancements. Effective knowledge transfer programs and service delivery are key to delivering on this ongoing requirement.

Mobilis Consulting supports many leading companies with their education needs through multimodal training across web-based, mobile learning and workshop initiatives, to underpin the benefits of the solution across the business lifecycle.

Your time is a limited resource so any education activity needs to deliver maximum results. We devise a multimodal education process that meets your unique needs, including:

• Instructor-led and train-the-trainer packages

• eLearning creation and hosting

• Multimedia studio production

• User assessment and accreditation platform