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Bringing information to the point-of-activity is a key business driver that is recognized by smart retailers around the globe.

With innovative mobile workflows from Mobilis Consulting retailers benefit from the flexibility of a bespoke solution and the time-to-market benefits usually associated with an off-the-shelf package.

Inventory workflows

Managing inventory flow is the heart of all retail operations. Workflows eliminate time consuming paper-based procedures and error-prone manual reconciliation; verification against purchase order, manifest, or advance shipping notice is completed automatically, with discrepancies highlighted in real time. Store transfer procedures can be automated too, improving your control over merchandise traveling between stores and distribution centers.

Price management workflows

With a wireless environment, store personnel use their handheld computer to record the merchandise codes or shelf tags and check these against the computer system in real- time. Errors can be corrected on the spot, eliminating pricing discrepancies at the checkout and printing new tags/labels for price changes as necessary.

Sales and service workflows

At the click of an icon, workflows can highlight transactions based on price, specification, brand or other retail- srpecific indicators. Show relevant accessories and stock availability - with these types of tools even the most inexperienced staff can answer questions and make recommendations to the individual client.

Simplified IT integration

Link our workflows with your existing computer systems through standard cloud-based integrations.



The challenge for many packaged web browsers is to keep applications simple - often difficult for certain use cases, environments or mobile devices, hence the need for our cBrowser.

Benefits of cBrowser

• A web browser with customisable on-screen content and keypads to aid fast and accurate user input.

• Decide how large or small the keypad should be, where it's to be positioned and how many keys or options are available to users.

• Decide if the want to show a task bar, or full screen the web pages

• Built using the latest Chrome web technology for top performance and compatibility.

• Locked down to a single URL, or list of approved URL's to run dedicated applications.


Many food service industries could benefit from keeping track of their stock levels more efficiently but often the available IT systems are just too complex and expensive. That’s where managemystockroom can help. Control your stock from anywhere using our easy to use cloud-based solution.

Benefits of manage my stockroom

• Receipts are verified and recorded accurately

• Regular counts are performed using smartphones or tablets

• Eliminate paperwork and associated errors

• Count locations in minutes rather than hours

• Update your stock position in real-time to improve visibility

• Stock transfers between locations are monitored

• Generate low stock reports and alerts

• Prepare replenishment lists based on your stock par-levels

• Produce suggested orders based on accurate information

Products and Solutions



In today's mobile world the power of cloud computing are compelling. Built using the advanced Amazon Web Services platform, mobiliscloud solutions deliver flexible, secure, cost-effective and scalable solutions to organisations across the globe.  

Benefits of mobilis cloud

• No capital expenditure needed

• Integration with mobile and enterprise applications

• Scalable from a single device to many thousands

• Advanced security as standard, plus automatic software updates

• Flexibility to customise functionality according to use cases.

• Industry-specific modules for retail stores and supply chains

• Real-time dashboard and custom reports

• Per-device pricing model, with distribution via Google Play store

• Native support for multi-language and currency

Whether you are running retail stores or managing supply chains, capturing and processing mobile transactions throughout your business is made quicker and easier using mobilis cloud.  And coupled with our rapid application tools we can tailor the solution to meet your exact requirements - cloud computing for everyone.