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Bringing information to the point-of-activity is a key business driver that is recognised by smart companies everywhere. Whether online or offline, innovativeRetail workflows from Mobilis Consulting provide retailers with the flexibility of a bespoke IT solution and the time-to-market benefits associated with off-the-shelf packages.

Benefits of innovativeRetail

• Effective optimisation of your inventory processes through maximum "value per scan"

• Automated price management disciplines to ensure effective branding and compliance

• Delivers a platform for enhanced in-store sales and services

• Manage replenishment and fast-track your delivery receipting processes

• Count stock in the way that best fits your business

• Fast IT integration and ongoing enhancements through the power of the mobilis cloud

• Inherent support for multi users, multi currencies and multi languages

• Extend or customise the solution to meet your changing business needs



Edge-computing for stores, built for today and tomorrow

innovativeRetail is your fast track to success

Today's retail stores need effective price management solutions that remove the complexity around sales and promotional events and that's where our innovativeRetail solution comes in. Designed to meet needs of retailers large and small this scalable software solution enhances productivity, improves accuracy & increases control over your pricing structures.

Now your retail staff can access up-to-date sales information directly from their smart devices, including sales & promotions, product recalls and closing shelf-life reductions. And coupled with innovative handheld labelling hardware innovativeRetail can reduce the time taken to administer your sales events.

Price markdown & management

Optimise the price reduction, compliance labeling and promotional marking processes to drive increased return-on-investment

Benefits of price markdown & management

• Easily identify and label reductions or promo items

• Price across multiple currencies

• Automatic repricing capability

• Produce reduction labels based on remaining shelf life

• Prepare for future sales events

Change the retail dynamic with the ability to fulfill online orders directly from your high street stores.  Through store-based picking, item requests are directed to the smartphone devices used by your retail colleagues. Requests can be prioritised and  sequenced to ensure that picking is conducted quickly and efficiently.

The entire operational process can be monitored, from pick through to customer collection.

Store-based picking

Effective management of fulfilment and customer collection processes

Benefits of store-based picking

• Group orders together for efficient pick operation

• Identify the right product based on item-level scanning

• Control storage awaiting customer order collection

• Manage handover to the customer in store.

Effective management of stock relies upon interconnected disciplines - stock receipts, replenishment, movements, counting, wastage must all feed into a coordinated system. At it's core innovativeRetail provides this system by recording stock transactions wherever they occur, in real-time, and in turn sharing this information with your associated store or enterprise-based systems.

Through a series of associated software modules we provide the baseline that helps you match stock levels to changing demand. Whether than means utilising information to replenish fast moving lines more frequently or simply making data capture tasks faster and more accurate for store colleagues, experience shows us that technology makes a positive difference: that's why many leading retailers work with Mobilis Consulting.

Inventory management

Monitor and manage your store stock from anywhere

Benefits of inventory management

• Maintain accurate information on your stock levels across sales areas and stockrooms

• Accelerate replenishment tasks to ensure stock is available for customers

• Reduce time and improve accuracy of periodic and annual stock counting tasks.

• Manage internal and external delivery receipts.

Empower your store colleagues by giving them data to respond to customer enquiries in real time, every time. Colleagues can scan a product and immediately see how many are available and where it can be located; no more wasted time searching for items.

Combining smart technologies and the power of the cloud, product enquiries can extend across more than the typical store. Search across stores and stockrooms, find the correct product and request or authorise a stock movement, or a home delivery, all through innovativeRetail and the Mobilis cloud.  And innovativeRetail makes this possible for a fraction of the cost of typical enterprise systems - let's talk about how we could help you achieve this.

Product enquiry, price and availability

Bring the latest product information to the palm of your hand

Benefits of product enquiry, price and availability

• Check product and price details in a single scan

• See stock holding, locations in real-time

• Automate associated tasks such as price markdown, reticketing, or promotional actions

• View sales trends, history and the reporting metrics relevant for your business