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Voice picking market gains momentum

Over recent years, voice-enabled work has been established as a complementary or added value element to automatic identification systems in use across a range of logistics applications. Today, through the introduction of Wavelink Speakeasy, the benefits of voice applications are now available in conjunction with mobile computers from various leading vendors, lowering the customer’s total cost of ownership and thereby making the operational benefits open to a larger group of customers, often providing cost savings within a year.

How Speakeasy Works?

Logistics operational tasks for replenishment, put-away and inventory moves generated by the warehouse management system (WMS) are transmitted via a wireless network to a mobile computer running Speakeasy, which translates the assignment data into verbal commands heard through the headset that direct the worker to an aisle or section of the distribution centre (DC)/warehouse and a specific slot or pick location. The worker then confirms the location by scanning a barcode or speaking a numeric identifier into their speech recognition headset. The worker then hears, for example, “pick five”; they then pick five of that item and responds back, “five ready” and then the next location is provided. When assignments are complete, the worker requests their next assignment from the available work queue.