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Tracking pallets made easy

As a member-owned cooperative network with more than 6,000 vehicles, 12,000 staff and access to over five million square feet of warehousing space, Palletline Plc. is a pioneer of palletised distribution networks in the UK. Through the Palletline network, independent hauliers can exchange freight at a central point for delivery in their local area; freight outside of their area is consolidated on trunk vehicles and sent to the Palletline Hub. This process requires the barcode scanning of inbound and outbound pallets to ensure visibility to movements is maintained throughout the network.

To achieve this online tracking and traceability, Palletline used rugged mobile devices and customised application software developed by Mobilis Consulting to link these handheld scanners to its central IT systems.  

"We are really pleased with the performance of the new scanner system" said Alan Painter, Palletline's General Manager of ICT, "and depot users have commented that the processing of freight is simplified, particularly at peak times".  The software solution captures the relevant pallet numbers on the scanner along with any additional details of discrepancies; this information is then transmitted either via a docking cradle or radio link to the central computer system.